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Values of Ekata
Sustainable Coffee Practices

The basic idea behind these practices are to ensure the best estates survive well throughout the year so that each estate is capable of producing excellent coffee. This is ensured by microfinancing them with regular investments that help them throughout the year

Coffee Bank

Ekata’s coffee bank allows farmers to get advances on the coffees earlier to help them survive without them having to resort receiving finance from local banks and individuals which savesfarmers from loss of interest and coffee to the financier

Coffee House

Ekata provides the coffee planters a place to register their sample green beans where it is analysed and the report gives them the complete data regarding the quality of their coffee and the methods that can be practiced to improve the coffee which could get them a better price. Ekata also helps them sell these coffees.

Coffee Earth

For those farmers that cannot afford to store their coffee in well maintained storage facilities, Ekata Earth provides storage facilities where the coffees are stored in the best possible condition in Ecotact or grain pro bags which ensures the coffee has the best flavours. This facility prevents the loss of value and money farmers face when the coffee loses its cup tasting quality when stored in poor conditions.

Ekata CSR Program

>Ekata's CSR program is put in place to ensure the sustainable growth of the industry and preservation of all the things that surround it. In Order to do this, one share of the company is paid back to the society starting from the coffee farms and development of farmer communities, all the way to the wild life nurturing programs and many more.

Plantation Migrations

“Indian coffee's are one of the best in the world, but this quality is not maintained after it is harvested from the coffee plants due to many factors that are not taken care of. We work towards ensuring that the great quality of the beans are maintained throughout the harvest until it reaches the taste buds of the coffee lovers. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. To bring this dream to reality, passionate and dedicated farmers can get registered with us for farm visits where their quality cupping analysis, future quality plan and the entire plan of migration to great coffees is given to them.

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