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“We gave up all of our careers for the love of coffee”
“We are a bunch of people from different walks of life who have worked in the past as sailors,architects, businessmen, R&D professionals, brought together by their one true passion for coffee and organic living. With passion in check, every single one of us gave up our corporate and professional careers to focus on taking the finest Indian coffee to the world and to realize the dream of a future where a healthy organic lifestyle is readily available to every single being on the planet. Ekata is not just a business to us, but a way to give back and help support the communities that help us achieve the organic future we dream of.”
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“The finest coffees are not achieved by accident, but by the perfectly executed processes that start from the careful handpicking of the right cherries, nourished by the right amount of sunshine and roasted with relentless passion. The finest coffees come from pure dedication and consistency.”

From the first time coffee was introduced in India by Baba Budan himself, the organic coffee we produce are kept authentic to its roots even with respect to the location where it’s grown, a four decade old farm in the Baba Budan giri hills.
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With a team of experts in the field of coffee, we strive to produce the best specialty coffees known to be grown in Indian. The list of specialty coffees produced by Ekata is what makes us truly stand apart.
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With high demand for Indian Origin robustas and arabicas around the world, Ekata Coffee in unison with passionate coffee farmer's and quality coffee lovers to produce the best single origin arabica and robusta coffees.
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To produce all the different coffees Ekata is known for, and to achieve such organic quality and consistency, our farms sit on hilly regions which are a sight to behold with incredible aesthetic beauty thanks to the lush greenery that encapsulates the area. We’d love to share the entire experience with the coffee lovers of the world to see how each and every indian coffee are made with dedication and passion.
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The word “Ekata” means oneness, which is what we stand for and we always make sure we practice what we preach. So for those of you who have the passion for coffee the way we do and your heart’s in the right place, then join us on our journey and work with us on unique projects. We love investing in partnerships throughout the world to create global awareness and improve the lives of the coffee farming families who still lack basic necessities.
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