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Discover the heart and soul of our organic coffee brand. At our core, we believe that business should be a force for good, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. We are committed to ethical business practices that benefit both people and the planet.

Explore our initiatives and partnerships, learn about our commitment to social responsibility, and join us in brewing a better world, one cup of coffee at a time.


India’s Eastern and Western Ghats are two mountain ranges that stretch along the eastern and western coasts of the country.


These majestic ranges are home to an incredible diversity of flora and fauna, with many unique species found nowhere else on earth. From the misty peaks of the Nilgiri Hills to the rugged slopes of the Araku Valley, the Eastern and Western Ghats offer a breathtaking landscape that is steeped in history and culture.

We set aside funds from the sale of our roasted coffee ranges to drive action to serve a variety of causes


This is our initiative to protect and conserve the majestic King Cobras of Agumbe, India.

The King Cobra is not only the world’s longest venomous snake but also a symbol of the rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats.

As a responsible member of the local community, Ekata is committed to preserving the natural habitats of these magnificent creatures and promoting conservation efforts in the region. Join us as we work to protect the King Cobras and ensure a sustainable future for the Western Ghats.


This is our endeavour dedicated to the conservation and protection of wild cats in Bandipur, India.

With their habitats under threat due to human activities and climate change, it is essential to take immediate action to preserve these magnificent creatures for future generations.

As a responsible member of the community, Ekata is committed to promoting awareness and conservation efforts to supporting local initiatives that help protect the wild cats of Bandipur. Join us as we work to ensure a sustainable future for these iconic animals and the natural habitats, they call home.


This is our undertaking aimed at conserving the bees and butterflies of the Ghats in India.

The Ghats are home to a diverse range of wild flora and fauna, including these critical pollinators, which are under threat due to habitat loss and pesticide use.

At Ekata, we believe in promoting sustainable agriculture and protecting the natural habitats of these vital species. Through our “Wild Flora” initiative, we are committed to supporting local conservation efforts, raising awareness, and promoting sustainable farming practices that are crucial for the survival of bees and butterflies in the Ghats. Join us as we work to protect these essential species and promote a sustainable future for the region’s natural ecosystems.


We are moving steadfast to establishing our Trust, aptly named “Oneness” to unify and drive all our efforts to make sure our actions are always aligned with the nature that nurtures us.

Under our trust, we will be initiating a lot more conservation and awareness programmes to drive sustainability and reach our goal of carbon neutrality.